Motorman Jobs


Motorman nature of work

A motorman is the member of the oil rig crew responsible for maintenance of the engines. While all members of the oil rig crew help with major repairs, the motorman does routine preventive maintenance, minor repairs, drive trucks and operate specialized hydraulic pumping systems to place cement in wells or to treat wells with chemicals, sand mixtures or gases to stimulate production.

Motormen are employed by oil drilling and well service contractors and by petroleum producing companies.

Motorman work conditions

motorman jobs picThe motorman usually works long hard days on extended roster systems and either outdoors in all weather conditions or underground. The motorman work is generally hard and physically demanding. Progression to oil and gas well driller or service rig operator is possible with experience.

Motorman duties and tasks

The motorman may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Align and manipulate sections of pipe or drill stem from a platform on the rig derrick during the removal and replacement of strings of pipe, or drill stem and drill bit
  • Assemble pumping equipment and attach pumps and hoses to wellhead
  • Assist in setting up, taking down and transporting drilling and service rigs
  • Drive well services truck to well site
  • May mix chemicals and cements
  • Operate and maintain drilling mud systems and pumps during drilling, and mix mud chemicals and additives
  • Operate and maintain drilling rig diesel motors, transmissions and other mechanical equipment
  • Operate hydraulic pumping systems to pump chemicals, gases, sand, cement or other material into well
  • Read gauges to monitor pressure, density, rate and concentration and adjust pumping procedure as required
  • Record mudflows and volumes and take samples
  • Supervise floorhands and laborers
  • Perform other tasks as needed

If you are able to meet these requirements and you are motivated to be part of highly motivated team of people please, apply for a motorman position through one of the links below:

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