Offshore Jobs for Electricians


Oil rig electrician nature of work

rig electrician install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, test and commission electrical and electronic equipment and systems on oil rigs. The rig electrician may also work on electrical transmission and distribution equipment.

Oil rig electricians are employed by maintenance departments of drilling and well servicing contractors and by petroleum producing companies.

The oil rig electrician must follow the Electric Code.

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Oil rig electrician work conditions

offshore jobs for electricians imgThe oil rig electrician usually work long hours on extended roster systems and either outdoors in all weather conditions or underground, usually as members of teams or crews. The oil rig electrician work is generally hard and physically demanding.

The oil rig electricians may work in dusty, dirty, hot, or wet conditions, or in confined spaces and in other uncomfortable places and have to stand for long periods. They may also be required to work at heights on masts, towers and roofs. Electricians risk injury from electrical shock, falls and cuts. Rig electricians must be aware of safety regulations and must often wear and use protective equipment to minimize risks.

Oil rig electrician duties and tasks

A rig electrician may perform the following tasks and duties:

  • Conduct preventive maintenance programs and keep maintenance records
  • Maintain, repair, test, troubleshoot, install and connect to power supplies appliances, switchgear, regulators, heaters, transformers, electrical motors, generators, alternators and electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems and other related devices
  • Read and interpret electrical, architectural and mechanical diagrams, drawings or specifications to determine wiring layouts for new or existing installations
  • Splice, join and connect wire to fixtures and components to form circuits

If you are able to meet these requirements and you are motivated to be part of highly motivated team of people please, find out more about offshore jobs for electricians through one of the links below:

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