There's Nothing Glamorous About
the Pipeline Jobs

Except For The Pay!

Average oil and gas jobs are starting at $65,482 US

The truth is that if you're looking for the pipeline jobs you might forget that your competition is far worse than you probably ever imagined. You're competing against thousands of other pipeline jobs seekers, applying for the exact same pipeline jobs ads, that are better educated and have many more years of experience in the oil & gas jobs industry.

It gets worse... Every classified ad you've read online has already been applied for by hundreds, if not thousands, of pipeline jobs seekers. So, when you apply for those free pipeline jobs ads you're just getting lost in the pile of pipeline jobs resumes that the employer receives.

Benefits of the pipeline jobs

Consider for a moment that the average day rate of an offshore worker is around $400 US. On average the oil and gas industry workers earn between $75,000 and $150,000 US just for working just 6-8 months out of the year.

These oil companies and oil projects, such as the ones we will help you find work with, pay up to $600 US per day for qualified tradesman. Entry-level positions start at $300 US per day, depending on the position and company.

pipeline jobs pictureEarning over $100,000 US per year isn't uncommon and this could be your chance to gain one of the highest paying pipeline jobs you've ever had.

Many of these major oil projects and oil companies offer you benefits worth thousands of dollars such as paid travel expenses, medical and dental insurance, profit sharing, 401K plans, and more!

Chances are you've spent weeks, if not months, browsing through and applying to pipeline jobs postings you've seen online. Many days that you could have spent already working.

Therefore, every day you waste looking for pipeline jobs, instead of actually working, you've just thrown away potentially another $400 US per day - that's $11,200 US per month!

In this competitive pipeline jobs market, you must have a good advantage to stand any chance at finding a high paying pipeline jobs and beat out your competition. The advantage that will have employers immediately calling you up to schedule interviews and give you the pipeline jobs - and that's exactly where we come in...

All You Have To Do Is Get Your Foot In The Door...

pipeline jobs

Don't let someone else beat you to that high paying pipeline jobs!

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