Roustabout Jobs


Roustabout jobs and nature of work

A roustabout may be part of the oil drilling teams or crews, or may be on location temporarily for special operations. The roustabout is commonly hired to perform roustabout jobs to ensure that the skilled personnel that run an expensive oil drilling rig are not distracted by peripheral tasks, ranging from any unskilled manual labor on the rig site like cleaning up location to cleaning threads to digging trenches to scraping and painting rig components.

Roustabouts are employed by oil and gas drilling and well servicing contractors, and by petroleum producing companies.

Roustabouts work conditions

The roustabout usually work long hard days on extended roster systems outdoors in all weather conditions. The roustabout jobs are generally hard and physically demanding. This type of work can lead to more steady employment on a drill rig crew.

Roustabout jobs - duties and tasks

The roustabout jobs may include some or all of the following tasks:roustabout jobs pic

  • The roustabout assemble or repair oil field equipment using hand and power tools
  • The roustabout assist in slotting, welding and inserting casing screens
  • The roustabout assist with well development and pumping tests
  • The roustabout carry out minor maintenance and repairs, including lubrication
  • The roustabout clean equipment, drill and camp sites
  • The roustabout dig and clean mud pits and drains
  • The roustabout help move drilling rigs and equipment from site to site, set up in the new site and connect power cables or hoses for water and air supply
  • The roustabout help obtain drilling core samples
  • The roustabout mix and test drilling fluids, chemicals and grout
  • The roustabout operate equipment such as pumps for air, water and mud, and equipment and tools used to correct problems in drilled holes caused by mechanical breakdowns or by harmful natural conditions
  • The roustabout perform other tasks as needed

If you are able to meet these requirements and you are motivated to be part of highly motivated team of people please, apply for roustabout jobs by clicking the link below:

offshore roustabout jobs

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Breaux, a graduating petroleum engineer at LSU, was thinking of taking a roustabout's job with Houma-based drilling company Blake International, which at the LEDA Job Fair was looking only for roustabouts. Breaux said he would take the job “just to ...

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The collaborative effort between LSC and the IADC provides meaningful careers to veterans and needed talent for drilling floorhand/roustabout jobs across the world where safety and security are paramount. In addition to receiving this award, LSC has ...

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Jim Tilley
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Following hay season he worked various jobs which included road work on Highway 412, he was a filing station attendant in Sapulpa for a time, he also worked for Fiber Glass Systems in Sand Springs, and did roustabout work. He owned and operated the ...

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... all the money I could earn at high-powered jobs like washing pots and pans in the dorm kitchen. In between washing pots and washing pans, I made a little mad money as a private tutor, a cabinetmaker, a roustabout in a Wyoming oil patch and an iceman.

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Mary Urlacher said there has been an uptick in people coming to her office and looking for employment opportunities after being laid off from oilfield jobs. Drilling rig and roustabout workers are those who've felt the biggest impact, she said, as well ...

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